FULL Festival Bundle

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Purchase of the Full Festival Bundle gives you access to the following films, their paired panel conversations and accompanying short films.


FILM: Sorry We Missed You (2019) | PANEL: COVID-19 and Navigating its Demands of Change

FILM: Land of Not Knowing (2017) | PANEL: Suicide: Can talk or not?

FILM: Those Who Work / Ceux qui travaillent (2018) | PANEL: Mental Health at the Workplace

FILM: Happiness / 幸運是我 | PANEL: Building a Dementia-Inclusive Society

FILM: Little Tickles / Les Chatouilles (2018) | PANEL: The Shadow of Childhood Trauma

FILM: Redha (2016) | PANEL: Caregiving for Persons with Special Needs

FILM: Eva Nová (2015) | PANEL: Addiction Recovery: A Journey Beyond The Individual


SHORT FILM: SMHFF SFYC 2021 (Best Overall) - Dragon Quest

SHORT FILM: We Are All Here

SHORT FILM: Box Office Smash

SHORT FILM: SMHFF SFYC 2021 (Best Impact) - Sometimes We Forget


SHORT FILM: Little Stars

SHORT FILM: Skogafoss

SHORT FILM: SMHFF SFYC 2020 (Winner) - When Mirrors Had Meaning

SHORT FILM: SMHFF SFYC 2020 (Runner-up) - Emit

These films (except for Land of Not Knowing) are restricted to audience in Singapore only.